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Hours of Operation:  MONDAY – FRIDAY 730am - 430pm

5 days a week / $1200.00 per month

4 days a week $1040 per month

3 days a week $780.00 per month

2 days a week $570.00 per month

Complete an application.   Applications are available online and on-site at Ka Hana Pono.


Schedule a tour online or wait to be contacted by Ka Hana Pono to schedule one when a space is available.


To secure a place in our program the following must be turned in:

  1. Enrollment Fee ($150 per child, non-refundable and non-transferrable)

  2. Enrollment Contract

  3. Tuition Authorization Form

  4. Tuition for the first month is due within seven days of payment of the enrollment fee

  5. COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan 

Your child will be invited to attend a complimentary introductory day from 830am-1230pm within the two weeks prior to his/her first enrolled month.


Due on that introductory day will be the following forms and documentation:

  1. Student Health Form 14 (Showing a physical exam having been done within one year and providing your child’s immunization report.)

  2. Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Results or Clearance Forms F & G

  3. Early Childhood Pre-K Supplement Form


Children are not required to be potty trained prior to enrollment.

It is the policy of Ka Hana Pono’s to operate within our state and federal law to follow the American’s with Disability Act (ADA) law and accept children with disabilities within reasonable boundaries by considering whether the acceptance would result in undue hardship.


All children attending Ka Hana Pono are required to have health insurance provided by their parents. Health insurance is not provided by the early childhood center.


In the event of a divorce, separation, or joint custody ruling, every effort will be made to treat both parents equally. Copies of legal documents (certified court copy) must be provided to the Director before your child’s first day in our program; and before any staff person can actively prevent a non-custodial parent from picking up their child.

Cottage #3: Children ages 3-5; has a max of 12 children.

Cottage #4: Children ages 2-3; has a max of 6 children.




  • Backpack

  • Home Lunch, Two Nutritious Snacks & a Water Bottle (no candy or sodas please)

  • Complete change of clothing. Please pack a spare set of clothes for your child in a bag labeled with his/her name or initials — this will be kept in your childs cubby box or backpack until needed.

  • Blanket / Pillow / Stuffed Animal / Comfort item (this is optional, only if your child would like to have something for nap-time, you can place it in your childs backpack each day).  

  • Diapers and wipes if your child is not potty trained. A bulk supply of diapers and wipes can be stored in your childs cubby box.

  • Any lotions, creams, sunscreens, powders & etc... that your child may need which can be kept in their cubby box.

  • Please label all personal belongings (clothing, lunch boxes, water bottles, footwear, jackets, blankets, pillows, and etc...)

  • The early childhood center staff is not responsible for any child’s personal belongings if lost, stolen, or misplaced.



Ka Hana Pono’s enrollment year runs August to July.


Families currently enrolled will complete a re-enrollment process in the spring for the coming fall. This process allows us to determine upcoming vacancies.




A waiting list is available when our program is full. To have your child added complete an application.


As vacancies occur during the year, they are filled from the waitlist.


You will be contacted with an enrollment opportunity and invited to attend a tour of Ka Hana Pono when space becomes available for your child.

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