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Visitors Policy

Visits to Ka Hana Pono are welcomed. All visitors must enter at the front entrance to our cottage and speak with a staff member before entering the classroom.  We hold an open door policy, meaning prospective Ka Hana Pono parents, residents of the community, and interested educators are welcomed.  We want to extend an open door policy; however, it is important to consider the disturbance of children during their visit. Many of our children are very distractible and some children do not exhibit typical behaviors when guests are present. In order to protect the children and our program from undue disturbance, the childcare center requires that people wishing to visit during business hours (outside of normal dropoff and pickup times) make appointments. 

Parents are responsible for informing their visitors/guests about this policy.  We cannot accommodate several parents at the same time and making appointments in advance can help avoid this. Thank you so much for your understanding!!

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