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Transitioning into Child/Daycare

We have a few children at Ka Hana Pono Daycare who are transitioning into outside of the home/family childcare for the first time.  Below are some tips and recommendations for all daycare parents and children.

The first few days of daycare:

  1. Introduce your child to childcare gradually. For example, you could firstly visit Ka Hana Pono Daycare together a few times to take a look.

  2. Point out what the other children in daycare are doing and talk about what is going on and why you want your child to try childcare.

  3. It could take several visits before your child begins to feel confident.

  4. Your child may feel happier when taking favourite toy or some other familiar object to childcare.

 Feel confident and OK about the change:

  1. Your child can sense if you are confident about leaving him or her and feel that childcare is OK. Children feel a lot more secure and can settle much more quickly if you show that this is a good place to be. They will take the lead from how you act.

  2. On the other hand, if you are reluctant or uncertain about leaving your child at the daycare center, this can only add to the child’s anxiety.

  3. It is not unusual for young children to cry when their parents leave. After all, they love you and want to be close to you!

  4. Caregivers are skilled in comforting children and, if you choose a service which you think is best for your child, you can be sure any distress will not last long.

Saying goodbye to your child at the daycare center:

  1. When the time comes to leave your child, do it confidently, quickly and with a calm goodbye.

  2. Resist the impulse to leave without saying goodbye as your child will be frightened and distressed when they realize you have left.  Smile reassuringly and don’t drag out your goodbye but do say goodbye and that you will be back.

  3. Your child may seem upset when you leave but most children settle down quite happily.

  4. If you are worried about how your child has settled down, you can always call the center later to find out.

Talk to your child about their daycare experiences:

· Older children can give you feedback on how well the childcare center is meeting their needs. It also helps your children’s development if you discuss what happens during daycare.

· Be interested in what they have to say.

· Ask questions even if your child cannot speak full sentences.

· Be sensitive enough to detect if there might be a problem you need to sort out with the daycare center.

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