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Raising Chickens Contributes to Healthy Child Development

Here are two specific examples of how chickens have helped with some areas of children’s personal development.

  1. One 5 year old child was very scared of animals and especially birds. Having contact with the chickens, alongside an adult that she has built up a trusting relationship with, she has now become more confident around animals and actually enjoys being around the chickens.

  2. One of the two-year olds that regularly attend the children’s centre has delayed speech. He does not speak at all to adults or children other than in his own home. However, he has been visiting the chickens regularly during sessions and will now chatter away to the chickens confidently!

“In a society where everything comes in ready made boxes it’s great for children to see where their food actually comes from, in nature’s finest form”. Ben Keegan, Food 4 Life

In addition to the developmental benefits, having chickens at Ka Hana Pono allows us to teach things like: 

  1. Show children where their food really comes from

  2. Reconnect kids with nature in an increasingly urban world

  3. Draw youngsters into a healthy outdoor activity

  4. Teach kids the pride and accomplishment of producing fresh, organic eggs in their own backyard

  5. children grow in responsibility as they care for and enjoy their own thriving flock

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