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Purple Sweet Potato Patch (Non-Gmo)

Today the children proudly planted a non-genetically modified (non-GMO) purple sweet potato patch!

*a note from uncle bison:

Moms and Dads please remember that if chemical agriculture corporations like Monsanto Pioneer Dow and DuPont genetically engineer and patent these potatoes we may not be able to do this again without paying a lot of money, wearing hazmat suits, and spraying deadly chemicals on them due to their genetic modification. We would also be risking getting sued and losing our business.

Because I love life, people, you & your children & I think it’s wrong to patent life and use un-relaible science to push the use of known toxins proven to be harmful to humans.

Chemical agriculture / biotech has already made it almost impossible for your children and KHP or any family on the north shore to grow corn, sunflowers, arugula & some other crops they have patents on since pollen can drift for miles and the now endangered bumblebees, monarch butterflies & other pollinators will contaminate our organic seed crops giving these chemical agriculture corporations the right to pull our crops and sue us since they can’t sue the wind or bumblebees.

Genetic engineering of food crops has been a stealth technology, introduced with little public debate and arriving on grocery shelves unlabeled.

I take no position regarding genetic engineering done in labs or in indoor manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. But common sense should warn us that commercial development of out-of-doors applications in the absence of environmental safeguards is a prescription for disaster.

I oppose the out-of-doors deployment of genetic technologies because the genes are free – as free as pollen on the wind – to invade nature, and because once this has happened they can’t be recalled.


Uncle Bison

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