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Mermaid Bananarama

Here’s another HEALTHY & FUN food idea…


  1. Banana

  2. Mozarella Cheese Stick

  3. Handful of Dried Apricots

  4. Handful of Dried Cranberries

  5. Raisin (optional)

What To Do:

1. Make a slice 3/4 of the way up the stick. Then pull or slice several thinner strips from each side of the mozarella stick.

2. Cut the banana into 3 sections. Take a slice off of the bottom of each section of the banana so each section lays flat.

3. Place the banana sections on a plate to make the lower body, torso and head of the mermaid. Now take the sliced off banana and cut two strips for arms and 2 triangles for the tail fin.

4. Set the mozarella hair on top of the mermaid’s head. Cut the raisin in half and place on the mermaid for the eyes.

5. Cut several dried apricots in half lengthwise and cut a small silver for the mouth and nose.

6. Cover the mermaid’s torso with apricots in the shape of a bathing suit top.

7. Cover the lower body (tail and fin) with cranberries. Now eat and enjoy!

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