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Benefits of Gardening for your Child

When caring for a garden children will not only learn the process of growing a flower, fruit or vegetable, they will get to experience the process using multiple senses. These experiences, along with hard work, encourages kids to respect their environment and learn how things within the environment work together.

Children are more likely to enjoy healthier foods if they grow them themselves. By planting and maintaining a fruit and vegetable garden with your child, he/she will feel a sense of accomplishment when there are results and be more likely to explore different tastes out of curiosity.

Other ways kids benefit from gardening: -Teaches kids respect for other living things. -Requires a commitment toward something positive. -Teaches cause and effect. -Gets kids outside. -Allows and encourages children to explore. -Enhances fine motor skills. -Forms early responsibility. -Gardening teaches children to love nature and to care for our Earth.

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