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Authentic Hawaiian Christmas Trees


It has become our family tradition to go to Helemano Farms and pick our locally grown Christmas tree.  We’ll be choosing a tree for Ka Hana Pono Daycare this weekend! 🙂

Prior to the 1960’s the Norfolk Island Pine tree was the only option for Hawaii residents which makes it Hawaii’s only authentic Christmas tree 🙂

Benefits of getting a locally grown, freshly cut tree:

  1. These trees will stay green for over a month.

  2. Because these trees are grown in Hawaii, there is no risk of unleashing foreign invasive species into our island environment.

  3. The needles of these norfolk pines do not fall off & make a mess 🙂

  4. The way Helemano Farms cuts their trees allows each stump to grow into a new Christmas tree.

Here’s a photo of our tree from last year:

Helemano Farms is located in Wahiawa on Whitmore Avenue and their phone number is 622-4287.


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