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Ka Hana Pono - Welcome Flyer 

*Required Enrollment Forms*


Enrollment & Registration Contract


Health Requirements

Dept of Education Hawaii State Law requires all students to meet the following health examination requirements:


Health forms must be completed by your child's physician and returned prior to his/her first enrolled day.

Links to Need Based Forms


Allergy Medical Plan

If your child has allergies that could require medical attention then there are two additional forms, one to be completed by the parent/guardian, the other to be completed by the childs physician. 

Request for Exemption From Vaccination on Religious Grounds

Immunizations are required to be up to date based on the age of the child.  Medical waivers are available from your child's physician.  Religious/Personal waivers are available from the Department of Health; the form needs to be completed and signed by a parent. 


Parent Custody Statement

When a child does not live with both biological parents and both parents are not available for signature, you may be asked to provide a parent custody statement.  Note that a childcare center / preschool cannot refuse to release a child to the child’s parent or legal guardian who has or shares legal custody of the child. In most cases, both parents have equal custody rights unless a court or valid written separation agreement proves otherwise.


Financial Aid Forms (DHS and PATCH)




Links to Additional Documents

Healthy Habits

Illness Policy

Reminders of healthy habits and the centers sick policy.

Welcome Letter for New Families

General information about Ka Hana Pono

Digital Checkin / Checkout Process Using Brightwheel


Importance of Outside Play

Ensuring that all children can spend quality time outdoors.


Smooth Start - Transitioning

Here is some advice on how to ease this transition from Child Psychologist Joshua Sparrow (Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and co-author of Touchpoints 3-6). He’s also a former preschool teacher and someone whose work I refer to often and whose books I keep in our office.

Incident Report

Withdrawal Notification Form

Ka Hana Pono Daycare & Preschool

a licensed childcare center on Oahu's north shore, in Hale'iwa, Hawai'i
at the Waialua Community Association.
We believe teaching and living with ALOHA and in PONO encourages the best

from teachers, children, parents and all caregivers.

Children ages 2 to 5 are eligible to enroll ~ We currently have openings for August 2024.


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