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When Should I Place My Child On Your Waitlist?

These days, many parents are so intent on getting quality care for their kids, that they are signing up at popular child-care centers at the moment they know they are expecting a baby—or even before.

Many child-care centers (like Ka Hana Pono) don’t offer applications, instead they give new parents a wait-list form. This means many families spend the first two years of their child’s lives on a day-care / childcare / preschool wait list.

With more women than ever in the work force, many of the country’s roughly 11,000 child-care centers are full to capacity. Ka Hana Pono has been full & maintaining a waitlist since opening in 2009.

The rules governing wait lists are roughly the same for all of them: Slots are assigned on a first-come and pay the enrollment fee, first-served basis. Siblings of children who are already enrolled or were previously enrolled typically get first dibs on openings, to keep families together.

To secure a slot, directors advise wait-listing your child at least a year or more before you expect to need care.

Ka Hana Pono’s Director Angelica Friedmann recommends placing your child on the waitlist at six months of age for enrollment at twenty-four months.

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