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The Oregon Environmental Council has set guidelines for a safe and environmentally friendly school. You can find their guidelines here: Eco_Healthy Child Care for Parents Here is a short list of Eco-Healthy things we do at our center: We choose all foods and snacks mindfully to avoid possible exposure to pesticides, chemicals or genetically modified ingredients.. The children learn hands-on, organic gardening without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Locally produced foods are ideal as the foods are fresher, fossil fuel consumption is reduced, and dollars spent locally are much more likely to find their way back into the community. No sugary foods, high fructose corn syrup, artificial food colorings, or sugary juices or treats are provided. Exceptions are made for birthday celebrations and holidays when parents are welcome to bring treats. Water is tested and free from pollutants. Purified water is supplied by Menehune Water Company. Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are used in the classroom diffusing OnGuard into the environment to destroy viruses and pathogens. A 100% pure therapeutic essential oil emergency kit is in the classroom in addition to the traditional first aid kit. Peppermint oil is the first choice for fever and Breathe is the first choice for congestion / respiratory illness. The school is smoke-free inside and out. Non-toxic cleaners are used inside and out and the use of aerosols is prohibited. A non-chlorine bleach is used. We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and plastic bottles.

We keep our garbage covered at all times to avoid attracting pests and to minimize odors. We do not use a microwave in the classroom or near the children. To find out more on how to be Eco-Healthy at home and more about Eco Healthy Child Care google Children’s Environmental Health Network

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