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This Week We’ll Be Learning About Animal Families in the Hawaiian Islands

We will be teaching the children about animal family structures, parental roles in different species, and vocabulary/names for adult animals (including the Hawaiian names), their offspring, and groups of animals. 

We will begin by discussing different types of animal families in the Hawaiian Islands and their family structures and parental roles. Students will learn the proper terms for certain animal adults, young, and groups. 

Students will create a drawing of their own families as if it is a group of animals.

Each child will have an opportunity to think creatively of a symbolic animal that might represent her or his family. 

Video Resources: Wildlife/Animals/Archives/1996/A-Fathers-Day-Top-Ten-Animal- Fathers.aspx kids/mammals-kids/argentina-owl-monkey-parenting-vin-kids/ kids/reptiles-kids/alligator-hatchlings-kids/ 

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