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Salad People Recipe

– Cored pear halves, peel optional – Raisins – Fresh & ripe or canned & drained Dried cherries as well as pitted cherries – Cottage cheese or very firm yogurt – Strips of cheese (cut wide and thin, to be limbs) – Cherry tomatoes – Sliced bananas (cut into vertical spears as well as rounds) – Blueberries – Cantaloupe or honeydew (cut into 4-inch slices) – Peas – Celery sticks (plain or stuffed with nut butter) – Cooked angel hair pasta, or a “curly” variety – Sliced radishes – Shredded carrots – Parsley sprigs – Sliced strawberries – Small spinach leaves – Sliced black olives

1. Place a pear half in the center of each plate, flat side down.

2. Arrange a round scoop of cottage cheese or very firm yogurt above the narrow top of the pear, so that the cheese or yogurt looks like a head and the pear looks like a torso.

3. Create arms and legs from strips of cheese, banana spears, melon slices, or celery sticks (stuffed or plain).

4. Create hair, facial features, hands, feet, buttons, zippers, hats and so forth from any combination of the remaining ingredients.

5. Name it and eat!


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