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Our Ka Hana Pono Childcare Center…

Uncle Bison is the best keiki music teacher!

Our playground is over 3000sq feet of safe, fenced in open space – with many play areas + gardens of course 🙂

We’re so lucky that we have the Haleiwa Gym to play in on rainy days 🙂

Music & Dance are enjoyed every day!!

Letter & Number Fun!

ART is the BEST!

We Love Paint!

Organic strawberries are the way to go!

Ka Hana Pono serves yummy, healthy snacks & lunches every day!!

Planting, Caring For, & Harvesting Food Is An Important Life Skill!


Counting Their Carrots! 🙂


We have a HUGE playground and garden area!

Art projects outside are so much fun!

Love Animals 🙂

Appreciate Life

We love opportunities to discover, investigate & to show aloha for all life…another reason you should garden! 🙂

The children helped this baby bird after it had fallen out of its nest – uncle bison climbed the tree & put him back in his nest.

Have you ever harvested the sunflower seeds from a sunflower…magic!

Look at the size of that sunflower!


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