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Fond Memories

As I hugged and kissed the last keiki to go home today, as I turned away I felt butterflies in my stomach, closed the door and began to cry…How did I think I would be “okay” saying congratulations and goodbye to 4 amazing precious souls as they graduate from Ka Hana Pono, some of them have been with us for four years….As each child & their families become a part of our extended ohana we will naturally always be interested in their destinies and will always be a friend… I’m having a good cry now as I hike peacock flats – might as well try to feel it and let it out now… xoxoxo and yes Aunty Gel knows this is not goodbye forever, I just will miss each of their individual lights and that’s the simple truth & I wouldn’t consider myself human if I didn’t acknowledge it…. Namaste.

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