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Fire Drills

Aloha Parents!

This week we practiced fire drills with the children.

We are teaching them to be familiar with the sound of the smoke detector/fire alarm & to react calmly. Most of the children were frightened by the sound of the alarm – it got their attention – and we did it enough times so that the children became familiar & understood that the sound means we need to go outside just in case there is a fire.

When the fire alarm goes off the children know to quickly stand in line in front of the backdoor. When Aunty Gel or Uncle Bison opens the backdoor we quickly but without running, walk outside to the far right corner of our playground which was designated our safe spot by a Hawaii Fire Inspector. If we needed to completely exit the area there is an exit gate we can use on the playground.

It's a great idea to practice fire drills/emergency plans at home with your children as well. Running through the routine is good practice for everyone.

Aloha, Aunty Gel & Uncle Bison xo

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