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Comet PANSTARRS Now Visible In The Northern Hemisphere

Children love star-gazing and it’s time to start watching for Comet PANSTARRS, one of two comets to get excited about in 2013!

PANSTARRS – is being seen nightly now in skies around the world. It’s low in the west after sunset – near the moon on March 12 and March 13. And it’s getting easier to see each day from Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, as it moves northward on the sky’s dome. It’s moving a little higher out of the bright depths of twilight every day now. The Southern Hemisphere has been seeing PANSTARRS for some weeks already.

Remember, the comet will be low in the west immediately after sunset – not prominent in the midst of evening twilight – but there if your sky is clear to the horizon and unobstructed by trees or tall buildings. Watch for its fan-shaped comet tail.

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