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Books for the Heart and Soul

There are some books that have a special place on my bookshelf at home 🙂 I’ll bring them from home to school in a special bag and put them right back on the shelf as soon as I return.

Here are our favorites books for the heart and soul….

Zen Shorts by John Muth – introduces readers to a Zen arrpoeach to teh world, wrapped in a story about three siblings and their new neighbor, a panda

Each Breath A Smile by Sister Susan (based on the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh), introduces preschool aged children to mindful breathing, using beautiful color illustrations of trees, frogs, crickets, and birds.  Kids love this book.

A Pebble For Your Pocket by Thich Nhat Hanh.  Offers various practices that children can do on their own or with others that will help them to transform anger and unhappiness and reconnect to the wonders of nature, and the joy of living in the present moment.  Beautiful illustrations.

The Gift of You, The Gift of Me by Nila Webster.  The tale of the little creature Jamile and of his enduring friendship with the trees at the end of the lane, this picture book is a source of inspiration for young people and adults, a pictorial tribute to naure, and a poetic vision on the miraculous power of gratitude and love in the face of the sorrows of life.

The Dali Lama: A Life of Compassion by Sheila Rivera.  A sweet book for young children about the life of the Dali Lama.

Somebody Loves You, Mr Hatch by Eileen Spinelli.  Examines the effect that love and tender regard can have on an existence.  

The Way to Make Perfect Mountains by Byrd Baylor.  A collection of Native American legends about sacred mountains.

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