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15 Fruits & Veggies That Are Safe To Buy Even If Not Labeled Organic

The 15 Fruits & Vegetables Below Contain

The Lowest Concentrations of Pesticides

When Not Grown Organically

**these food items are safe to by not organic because of responsible growing practices of these crops.

The majority of items from this chart will be bought from known local farmers with similar environmental concerns or from our own backyard garden at Ka Hana Pono.

1. Onions

2. Sweet Corn

3. Pineapple

4. Avocado

5. Cabbage

6. Sweet Peas

7. Asparagus

8. Mangoes

9. Eggplant

10. Kiwi

11. Cantaloupe

12. Sweet Potatoes

13. Grapefruit

14. Watermelon

15. Mushrooms

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